We are a Wyoming corporation based in the USA, China, Vietnam and Taiwan. We conduct business through our various subsidiaries and affiliated companies. We pursue being the leading innovated manufacturer of “direct to consumer and business” products based on sales of nutraceutical supplements, natural, organic specialty foods and non-food products globally. We are building a one-stop global trade proprietary platform, which includes but is not limited to: e-commerce, manufacturing, fulfillment, distribution, marketing and sales platforms. Through these internal proprietary platforms, our group of companies strive to import, market and sell foreign products from the world into the Asian marketplace and import, market and sell global products into the North American marketplace.




Though our principals and advisors have built the foundation of Intercontinental over many years through substantial investment, research, testing, strategic relationships, and global travel, this year Intercontinental is rapidly growing our business both organically and through acquisitions. This has expanded our distribution network, product selection and customer base. Sales to existing and new customers will increase through the continued growth, acquisitions, and partnerships in pursuits including Home Shopping Television, Global Shopping Direct Selling, and Global Outlets Group with purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, merchandising, sales and a vast marketing network. We pursue acquisitions for development of our own branding and exclusive distribution items in the natural food & beverage, health and beauty, healthy cleaning systems, and pet product categories. We achieve increased market share through our high-quality service, broader product selection, with the acquisition of, or merger of, or strategic partnerships with, commodity and specialty branded companies to increase the number of customers to whom we distribute products. The Company also is achieving that goal through the expansion of our existing distribution centers, construction of new distribution centers, direct sales distributers and retail locations.

Through these efforts, we believe that we have broadened our geographic penetration globally, expanded our customer base, enhanced and diversified our product selection and increased our market share.