Business Strategy

Business Strategy:


IGHG joins with founders and management in building the consumer brands of the future. Our firm was founded by industry veterans and former operators, not financial engineers or consultants. We focus exclusively on emerging consumer brands and fulfillment, not any other industry or stage of business. We leverage decades of collective global experience to provide real operational, sales, marketing and fulfillment expertise, in addition to capital to fuel growth.


For consumers, a product’s worth is no longer simply measured by how well it performs. Today’s increasingly informed and engaged consumers are looking for something more from their products and the companies that provide them — authenticity, purity, innovation, value, and goodness. Consumers not only want to be satisfied by their products, but also believe in the brands behind the products. We at IGHG seek to partner with companies that can deliver on these attributes and provide consumers the tools that support healthy, active and sustainable living.


We evaluate strategic and business alternatives, which may include the following: acquiring assets or businesses unrelated to our current operations, operating, growing or acquiring additional assets or businesses related to our current operations, or modifying operations. We generally pursue either controlling positions in durable, cash-flow generating businesses or companies we believe exhibit substantial growth potential. We may choose to actively assemble or re-assemble a company’s management team to ensure the appropriate expertise is in place to execute the operating objectives of such business.

We view ourselves as strategic and financial partners that seek to align our management teams’ incentives with our goal of delivering sustainable long-term value to our stakeholders.


As part of any acquisition strategy, we may raise capital in the form of debt or equity securities or a combination thereof. We have broad discretion in selecting a business strategy for the Company. If we elect to pursue an acquisition, we have broad discretion in identifying and selecting both the industries and the possible acquisition or business combination opportunities.


Our dynamic strategies and outlook are tempered by future outcomes; for example, we have not identified a sole industry to focus on discretion, market conditions, and risks. There can be no assurance we will identify or successfully complete all future plans or transactions or achieve global targeted performance. In connection with evaluating these strategic and business alternatives, we may at any time be engaged in ongoing discussions with respect to possible acquisitions, business combinations, and varied financing terms of widely varying sizes. There can be no assurance that any of these discussions will result in a definitive agreement and if they do, what the terms or timing of any agreement would be.

We are looking to invest in innovative companies that deliver value to consumers seeking an engaged lifestyle across the following market segments:

  • Animal Care Products
  • Apparel
  • Duty Free
  • Ecommerce & Fulfillment
  • Green Living
  • Healthy Food and Beverage
  • Healthy Living – Active Lifestyle
  • Nutrition & Wellness
  • Personal Care/Household Products