Marketing Services

Marketing Services:

We offer a variety of marketing services designed to increase sales for our customers and suppliers, including consumer and trade marketing programs, as well as programs to support suppliers in understanding our markets. Trade and consumer marketing programs are supplier-sponsored programs that cater to a broad range of retail formats. These programs are designed to educate consumers, profile suppliers and increase sales for retailers, many of which do not have the resources necessary to conduct such marketing programs independently.

Consumer Marketing Programs

Trade Marketing Programs

Supplier Marketing Programs

We keep current with the latest trends in the industry. Periodically, we conduct focus group sessions with certain key retailers and suppliers to ascertain their needs and allow us to better service them. We also provide our customers with:

  • Quarterly reports of trends in the natural and organic industry
  • Product data information such as best seller lists, store usage reports and catalogs
  • Assistance with store layout designs; new store design and equipment procurement
  • Planogramming, shelf and category management support
  • In-store signage and promotional materials assistance with planning and setting up product displays
  • Shelf tags for products
  • A robust customer portal with product information, search and ordering capabilities, reports and publications


IGHG represents a new breed of marketing partner, blending strategy, creative services, technology, media, and intelligent data offerings to connect clients with their target markets in ways that provide rapid growth in sales and profits.