Better4U Food & Beverage, Inc.

Better4U Food & Beverage, Inc.

Better4U Food & Beverage, Inc. (Better4U) – is an Arizona based branding, product development, distribution and marketing services company. Better4U is building a versatile portfolio of high quality, competitively priced “Better for You” food and beverage brands through exclusive distribution, licensing, acquisition and development. The Company targets retailers and e-commerce platforms, that attract consumers searching for betterforyou products. We believe many of these consumers shop in sales channels that offer meaningful education, service and support to their customers. The primary channel that offers this type of support to consumers in the United States has been retail health/natural food stores, main stream retailers, and e-commerce platforms. Our primary focus has been and remains these channels. This strategy will enable us to benefit from the growth of the healthy foods consumer looking for betterforyou products.


Our category offerings are being distributed both in United States of America and Asia:


1.)  Convenience Store Channels

2.)  Food Service Distributers and Casual Food Chain Restaurants

3.)  Mass Market Retailers (such as supermarkets, drugstores and warehouse clubs)


The Company’s current product offerings are RTD Beverages under the following brand names: Natural Cabana, La Brisa, and High Mountain Brand Names. All products are made with all-natural ingredients. Currently, Better4U is distributing and selling products both in United States of America and Asia.