Nutra Brands International Corporation

Nutra Brands International Corporation

Nutra Brands International Corporation (Nutra Brands) – is an international integrated manufacturer, marketer, distributor and developer of branded nutritional supplements and other natural products sold primarily to major sports teams, athletes, retailers, distributers, multi-level marketing companies, online e-commerce platforms both domestically and internationally. Our core business strategy is to acquire, integrate and operate businesses in the natural products industry that manufacture, market and distribute branded nutritional products. We believe the consolidation and integration of these acquired businesses provides ongoing financial synergies through increased scale and market penetration, as well as strengthened customer relationships.

We manufacture and sell nutritional supplements and other natural products under our Company owned brand Core Health Products® as well as provide private label manufacturing for major nutraceutical brands in the market and exclusive distribution of complementary products.

Nutra Brands International Corporation, Inc. was formed to affect a consolidation strategy in the fragmented vitamin, mineral, herbal and other nutritional products industry (the “VMS Industry”). Since our formation, we have completed numerous acquisitions and entered into strategic partnerships or relationships with businesses in the VMS Industry. The resulting surge in deal activity is far from over and we expect to see further M&A in this fast-moving market over the years ahead. We expect current suppliers will continue to consolidate the market and increase their geographic coverage whilst new entrants, typically established food industry operators, will look to higher growth markets. Since our formation, we have completed numerous acquisitions and joint venture partnerships with businesses in the VMS Industry. Because of the result of these acquisitions, internal growth and cost management, we believe we are well positioned to continue to capitalize on the consolidation that we believe is occurring in the VMS Industry.

The Company manufactures and distributes targeted Company owned branded product lines that implement the Company’s proprietary M.E.D.S. Delivery System, (Mineral, Enzyme, Delivery, System) with approximately 55 individual stock keeping units (“SKUs”), including approximately 14 SKUs exclusively sold internationally. We believe that, because of our emphasis on innovation, quality, loyalty, education and customer service, our brands are widely received in major sports teams, health/natural food channels of trade, e-commerce and among their customers. The Company also manufactures private label programs for customers seeking our services. Currently Nutra Brand Labs, Inc. processes over 125 SKU’s for several companies.

Core Health Products was founded in 1999 by Shan Stratton Chief Product Officer for Intercontinental Growth Holdings Group, Inc. A common theme throughout the entire Core Health product line is the emphasis on “nutrient utilization being more important than just nutrient consumption.”

This concept is realized by the registered proprietary M.E.D.S Delivery System. Core Health Products uses only the best and most natural whole food ingredients available. You will not find synthetics or fractionated nutrients. All minerals are amino acid chelated to ensure the highest level of absorption. The probiotics are stabilized, and the enzymes broad spectrum. Each and every ingredient has been carefully selected to fulfill a specific need, rather than to simply make the ingredient list look better. We also utilize certified organic ingredients whenever organic sources are available.

Mr. Stratton is a renowned nutritional consultant to the NY Yankees, LA Dodgers, Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, UFC and many other professional teams/organizations including US Military Special Forces, The Walt Disney Company and President Donald Trump. Shan was lead consultant in creating the world recognized NSF-Sports Certified program for Major League Baseball. Shan has recently consulted and spoke at the United Nations. Shan leads our company that prides itself in making sure that all products are created with integrity, purity, and effectiveness.

From the inception of the company, we have targeted major sports leagues and athletes throughout the United States, Canada and other global markets. We supply teams and athletes of the MLB, NBA , NFL, NHL, UFC and many other world class leagues, athletes and teams. The Company’s major focus with these category offerings is online e-commerce platforms. Currently the Company sells products on its website for the Core Health Product brands.